The World Peace Game

In his TED talk that took place earlier this year, John Hunter explained how his fourth grade class solved the dilemmas facing world peace. How was such a monumental task solved by students barely a decade old? Through the art of play.

At first glance, it would seem that Mr. Hunter had oversimplified the intricate, interwoven factors that drive the world. Upon further inspection, however, you see that his novel idea has evolved over the years, creating a vastly rich and complex vehicle through which students can apply skills they have learned in many diverse disciplines, such as English, Social Sciences, and Mathematics.

The fervor and enthusiasm with which Mr. Hunter speaks about his game is truly inspiring. It illustrates the power of applying teaching to a real-world task: World peace. Students can see how what they are learning is useful, and this is achieved through the game Mr. Hunter has constructed.

You can visit the official page for this TED talk here. Mr. Hunter also works with The World Peace Game Foundation, which currently has a movie available for screenings.

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