Cheonsang Middle School: Oceans Lesson

Here is a 45 minute lesson I created in Korea for Middle School students focusing on the ocean. Students guessed words concerning the ocean, we discussed the BP oil spill, and students were then allowed to create their own ocean-dwelling creatures.

The lesson builds on previously learned vocabulary by the students, and allows them to utilize it within the context of biology and science. The goal is to allow students to see a context in which their English skills will prove to be useful outside of the realm of language and casual conversation. Pictures will come up first, without the English words on the screen, allowing students an opportunity to guess the correct words for each picture. Students have a worksheet with word banks, cloze activities, and pictures, which they will complete with the aid of the Powerpoint presentation. As a group, students will provide vocabulary words, and practice words they are unfamiliar with. As individuals, they write sentences to describe their animal, while also creating a colorful illustration to visually represent their creation. Students will then share animals with each other in pairs, then to the whole class. After the lesson was finished, I selected two animals from each class to be displayed in the English classroom for all classes to see.