Nolan Bushnell: “We’ll be able to teach a full career of high school in less than a year”

Image courtesy of NeoSeeker

In recent months, the idea of cloud computing has become a normal part of our reality, with providers like Amazon and Apple rolling out cloud storage systems. Even Google’s Doc system employs the cloud storage system to allow you to save files remotely. What most don’t realize is that we can run software off of a cloud. There already exist services like OnLive, which allows for the streaming of games through a cloud network to your home computer. Without needing to have software stored on your computer, you can run the program via the internet.

So how can we apply this to education? One man who is seeking to answer this question is Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese.

Bushnell recently delivered a presentation at the first ever Cloud Gaming USA Conference & Exhibition. For the past 10 years, Bushnell has been developing software to assist in the educational process. In his speech, he brought forth exciting news about his developments, stating that use of cloud computing will help alleviate hardware problems on the user end. There have also been gains in the speed with which children have been learning materials. He said that by the end of next year, he could roll out his software solutions for consumption.

His claims are bold, saying that an entire year of high school could be taught in a single year. Whether or not this is true or applicable to the wide diversity of learners in America has yet to be seen. As Mr. Bushnell reveals more information about his projects and research, perhaps even after the implementation of pilot programs, I hope to see positive and statistically significant gains in learning among students. This could be a very significant development in the field of computer assisted education.

As Mr. Bushnell himself said, “I believe education is the most important thing we can do to fix the world.”

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