Education for Uncertain Futures

A few weeks ago, an organization known as The RSA posted a video about how education functions in relation to the idea of the future. As Sir Ken Robinson noted in his TED talk back in 2006, many of us cannot predict what the future can look like, even in the short span of 5 years, and yet we are meant to educate our children for it.

The RSA pulled together a group of education specialists from a variety of fields to create a toolkit for students and educators on how to tackle the issue of preparation for the future, and how fundamental changes to the way we view education are necessary.

The first speaker, Keri Facer, offered definitions and approaches to the future, and raised the question of which approaches are most useful for educators and students, and when are they most effective. Patrick Hazlewood spoke of how we lack a fundamental philosophy in education. He also mentioned our over-reliance on the past, and the time lags we face in implementing new changes.

Carolyn Unsted spoke of ethics in education, and also touched upon the issue of technology in the classroom. Dougald Hine gave three steps for living with uncertainty, and spoke of his mission to create non-traditional outlets for education and the sharing of knowledge.

You can visit The RSA website here, and follow their YouTube channel here.

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