The Game Layer

Image © 2010 TED Conferences, LLC

Seth Priebatsch is an entrepreneur who has introduced a new concept to how we view the world. He introduces the idea that through the use of specific game mechanics, we can influence behavior in the world. The last few years have been dominated by social networking, and his contention is that our future will be dominated by games and dynamics in games that will be applied on a broader scale in order to better humanity. He also mentions how this can be applied in the realm of education, noting that “School. . . is a game; it’s just not a terribly well-designed game.” You can view his TED talk here (He mentions education briefly, beginning at 8:00).

The implications from the power of game dynamics is something worth noting, and, as Mr. Priebatsch stated, something we should be consciously aware of as we progress towards the future.

Seth Priebatsch is the “Chief Ninja” of SCVNGR, a software development company working to implement applications that will realize the vision of the game layer. Follow him on Twitter.

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