The Minecraft Teacher

There has been a lot of news concerning this teacher floating around the gaming world, so I thought I’d share this rather clever use of games in education to foster student creativity.

For those of you not familiar with the gaming world, the charismatic development team at Mojang developed a wonderful, open-world game entitled Minecraft, in which players accumulate resources, build tools and erect structures in an environment where there are no set guidelines and parameters for “winning.” Instead, the game encourages creativity and free roaming. The only limitation in the game is your own imagination.

One teacher at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, Joel Levin, has decided to integrate the game into his second grade computer class to foster student creativity.

He has put up several YouTube videos, including this one, showing students building creations in their modified Minecraft world (Skip ahead to 12:15 to see students creating).

This story has been covered by many big name gaming websites and blogs, including articles on The Escapist and Kotaku.

You can visit Joel Levins’ site here, and follow his Twitter feed here.

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