Extra Credits and Tangential Learning

The idea of using games to teach is not a new one, but how often do we, as teachers, hear from those on the side of game development? What trends are going on in the gaming industry that may benefit or hinder educational game development? The fine team making the web video series, Extra Credits, decided to bring the idea of learning through games to the gaming community in this wonderful video on tangential learning.

View the video here

Also, their new video this week deals with the concept of “gamification,” and how this might be applied to the classroom to increase motivation and performance among students. They offer some interesting ideas for implementation in this video.

Extra Credits is an online series that provides an in-depth analysis of games, gaming culture, and the potential that lays in the medium. It updates every Wednesday on Penny Arcade TV. It is made by Daniel Floyd, an animator for Pixar Canada, James Portnow, who runs an independent game consultancy and is a professor at DigiPen University, and Allison Theus, a freelance artist. Become a fan of their show on their facebook page.

Image ©Extra Credits, all rights reserved.

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